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We sell premium Pacific Coastal Honey harvested from Marin and Sonoma County Beehives. As Beekeepers, we also provide Wasp and Beehive Removal and Extraction services for the San Francisco Bay Area, Including Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Typical grocery store honey could be a blend of honey from many different locations, even different countries.

See our mapped hive locations at the end of this article : look for the links at the bottom of the page.

Our honey is different because we preserve unique flavors and colors by harvesting in small batches, and simply straining the honey without any additional processing.  Remember the old fashion way of crushing grapes.  Fact or fantasy, we have all seen images from the past of big barrels full of people stomping the grapes with their feet. Creating a "mash" that is fermented and then squeezed or pressed to release the juice.  Well we don't stomp on our honey comb but we do crush the comb and allow the honey to slowly drain through a series of strainers.  This allows all the flavors and aromas trapped in the honey comb to release into the honey.  Pollen and floral aromatics flavor the honey naturally.

Mt. Tamalpais Honey


For the most part, the location of the hives and the flowering plants in an area define the honey.  Bees are opportunistic and will forage within a 3 mile area around their hive. So honey from Sausalito is unique to that area and honey from Mill Valley may be totally different if the available flowering plants are different.  Honey can also vary from year to year as weather patterns change and different plants flower more or less.  This is what makes honey such a "natural product" with incredible variety. 

See the link at the bottom of this page for a map of the forage area for "North Slope" honey from Mt. Tamalpais CA and the "Las Lomas" honey from Tiburon CA.

The best way to find "local" honey is to get it from a beekeeper in your area.  We offer honey from a variety of locations, keeping each separate so you can find a flavor, color or location that you like best.

Marin Coastal Bee Co. honey is bottled by location, without blending different locations together.  In this way you can enjoy the different and unique flavors.  "Wild" honey, from hives removed or relocated, is also an unusual treat that is not generally available except during the spring and summer when we will have a few of these honey varieties in limited quantities. 

Whether you try our "wild" or "domesticated" honey, it will be a treat to explore the different floral flavors that the honey bees have collected for us.

 Honey from Ross ValleyHoney From Different Locations  Are Different