Marin Coastal Bee Co.

Swarms !Oh My!

It's that time again when honey bees are on the move...looking for a new home. Why? Well because they outgrow their tree, or wall or whatever space they have chosen to make a home. Usually someplace dry and warm and up high like your attic or that nice cozy space in the ceiling above your bedroom closet.  If you hear'em a buzzin you have a beehive.  Most people will see a swarm outside in the garden or on a tree in large clump of bees.  Sometimes they can be seen flying in a giant cloud of bees on a mission to find a landing.  Don't be afraid, they are not after you.  In fact, before leaving the mother hive they will fill up on honey in preparation for the journey.  In this condition they are not known for stinging.  Also, they don't have a hive to defend. So stinging is not a priority.

Call a beekeeper.  Most will arrive quickly and for no charge scoop up the swarm. It's a great prize to catch a healthy swarm that is ready to make a new home.

Picasso Swarm


When they land, and it can be on almost anything, cars, fences, bushes - they will clump together to stay warm. Then, send out scouts to find a new home.  The scouts find what they feel has potential and return to the swarm and dance their heart out.  The bees that are most enthusiastic win over other bees that will go look for themselves.  If they approve then these bees return to the swarm and dance too.  Before long everybody's doing the dance and off they go to their new home.  Hopefully not in your ceiling above the closet!

If they do find the cozy spot in your wall or ceiling, give us a call. Marin Coastal Bee Co. can have an expert remove them alive and relocated to a safe new home.

So: Don't be a beekeeper and enjoy the show!