Marin Coastal Bee Co.

Good honey begins with a good apiary. A good apiary site is central to having healthy and happy bees that are productive both for the beekeeper and the environment. A good apiary site is easy to get to, away from human activity and disturbance, near plenty of nectar producing trees and flowers and sheltered from heat and extreme weather.

Monthly Colony Management ServiceMarin Coastal Bee Co. can provide anyone advice and support from setting up a new apiary to harvesting honey. Our monthly program includes the following:

  • One visit a month typically, more during the busy season. 
  • Always available for emergencies and advice.
  • Visit includes a hive inspection, up to three hives, advice on action needed or not.
  • New hive set-up
  • Swarm prevention measures
  • Mite level testing.

Monthly services are paid quarterly in advance. Products for feeding or treating and equipment are paid for by the customer. Please contact us for more information.

Beekeeper Services (Call for pricing)

  • Honey Extraction and Bottling
  • Moving Hives
  • Providing Custom Built Hive (usually decorative)
  • Re-Queening Hives
  • Bee Stocking
  • Provide Beekeeping equipment

MCB can give Demonstrations and Lessons to groups.


We can help with one time bee chores if you need a helping hand.

Please contact us for more information.