Marin Coastal Bee Co.

Welcome To Marin Coastal Bee Company

We sell premium Pacific Coastal Honey harvested from Marin and Sonoma County Beehives. As Beekeepers, we also provide Wasp and Beehive Removal and Extraction services for the San Francisco Bay Area, Including Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Site Inspection – We will visit the location of the hive to determine what needs to be done in order to remove the beehive in an eco-friendly manner, without the use of dangerous chemicals. We practice “Live Bee Removal” procedures starting with ensuring that the queen bee is transported safely with the combs to her new home without any harm done to her. Our goal is to save the hive and relocate the bees to one of our apiaries in Sonoma or Marin County.

Our Bee Removal Process – Honey Bees can establish hives in walls, floors and roofs. Bee Extraction many times calls for structural removal and repair of sheetrock, siding and paneling in order to gain access to remove the comb. MCB sets up protective measures such as plastic sheeting and taping of doorways, etc. After removal, the hive cavity is cleaned out and sealed and the structure is repaired. Preventative measures are taken as well as suggestions to the building owner so that the bees do not return.

Yellow Jackets - are removed using our chemical free methods that will eliminate them from your property immediately without waiting for traps or bait which can take days or weeks to be effective.



Beehive Preservation – Save the Bees! -  Once the comb (and queen bee) is successfully removed we place them in a special “Catch Hive” to recover any returning forager bees.  Later the Catch Hive is picked up at a determined time and taken to a waiting MCB apiary where the bees are fed, monitored, provided a proper hive environment and encouraged to grow and produce our distinctive Pacific Coastal Honey!

FREE Swarm Capture* - Swarms are from established colonies. When the colony grows too large for its hive, the old queen and half the workers will swarm off and look for a new home. Bee Swarms need to be collected as soon as they are spotted, before they enter their permanent home (usually inside the wall of someone's house).

* Of course there are limits – accessibility and location are some of them! Call us for orientation.