Raw Pacific Coast Honey & Beehive Removal Services In Marin and Sonoma Counties

Marin Coastal Bee Company Services

Pacific Coastal Honey

Local “wild” and “domesticated” Pacific-Coastal honey sourced seasonally from California in Marin & Sonoma Counties 

Beehive Management

What are your reasons for having bee hives? The answer varies for everyone and our goal will be to help you do it your way.

Beehive Removal Services

Marin Coastal Bee Company provides honey bee, yellow jacket and swarm live-removal services. We’re here to help!

Bee & Equipment Sales

What are your reasons for having bee hives? The answer varies for everyone and our goal will be to help you do it your way.

Welcome To The Marin Coastal Bee Company!

We sell premium Pacific Coastal Honey harvested from Marin and Sonoma County Beehives. As Beekeepers, we also provide Wasp and Beehive Removal, Extraction & Management services for the San Francisco Bay Area, Including Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Meet Mike Turner - Founder & CEO

“When I was a young teenager living in Marin County, I was exposed to beekeeping and harvesting honey.  Today I’ve been able to take this interest and begin helping others with honeybees and selling honey produced by my hives in Marin and Sonoma counties.”

Client Testimonials

“Mike is great to work with!!!  I am new to beekeeping and was noticing issues with my hive. Mike made a house call and shared his extensive knowledge to the craft and helped me diagnose issues, harvest honey, and prep my hives for winter. He is well connected in the community for resources too. I highly recommend him…Thanks for a job well done!”

Ron W.

San Francisco, CA

“Mike and his fellow bee expert Doug did a great job of relocating a hive of honey bees that had moved into our deck wall. The job required removing shingles and plywood to reveal the hive, then gently extracted the bees, to be relocated to an outdoor bee farm.  I highly recommend them to anyone with bee issues or a desire for delicious honey.”
Burr L.

Sausalito, CA

“This honey is like fine wine.  You can taste the wonder of the region.  I have used this honey myself and have given it as gifts. Everyone says it is the purest honey they have ever tasted and we all agree, we will never buy honey from stores again.  I have tried several different flavors from Main Coastal and it is impossible to choose a favorite. ”
Rosemary C.

Houston, TX

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